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QUYCEN maximises the power of a number of Microsoft Services to capture, automate your most critical core business processes. This can be extended into 3rd party applications that you may depend upon, providing automation and management of your critical business processes.

We helped one client to automate their social media notifications based on the creation of a member event. We helped another automatically schedule and allocate staff training on new products based on shift patterns and booked holidays to ensure that minimum staff levels were maintained at all times.

Best of all, this leverages a number of Microsoft services that you may not even aware that you have access to under your existing licence agreement.

Staff collaboration is vital in today's agile business and many organisations still try to either employ complex project management systems, or make do with To Do lists and individual task management systems. There is a third way - that of work management. It is task management for teams, whether those teams are internal to your organisation, or increasingly across a number of your partners.

Work Centre implements an easy to adopt Kanban style work management solution that is tightly configured to work across your various teams. Simple to use and understand it provides you the assurity that your projects remain on track whilst allowing your teams complete visibility and collaboration across every work job that needs completing

For organisations that have complex project management needs with complex task dependencies, sensitive critical paths and billable resource, the Project Centre component of QUYCEN brings all of these traditional waterfall project management tools and controls into an environment of real-time collaboration and automated processes.

This ensures that your critical project or programme plans remain an organic and dynamic element of your everyday management.

Too many organisations today still rely upon legacy file and folder management for their document storage. Updates are emailed to those who need the latest version whilst the originals are updated within minutes, rendering the copies of the document across and beyond an organisation out of date as soon as they are sent. Overlay the security implications of this uncontrolled document management and it is clear to see why this remains one of the most critical points of inefficiency and insecurity within many organisations.

Microsoft Sharepoint was designed to resolve this and many other issues and yet has proven far to confusing and complex for most smaller organisations without dedicated information Management teams to implement and maintain these solutions.

The Documentation Centre applies simple, but best practice principles to our clients document storage needs, delivering a rapid and repeatable implementation that secures documents, manages version control and ensures that the latest document is always available to whomever needs it whenever they need it.

Customer Relationship Management projects have one of the highest failure rates of all Information Technology projects. This is usually as result of 2 reasons: firstly, the solution is not intuitive to learn or to use and secondly, because the very management that demanded the system are not able to rapidly and easily access the information they need from it.

Our CRM Centre accesses the full power of the Microsoft CRM platform, but configures and presents this for our clients in a series of simple, highly intuitive apps on both desktops and across mobile devices. Best of all, this approach avoids the need for smaller organisations to have to invest heavily in the CRM licences a more traditional approach demands.

A number of our clients have elected to extend the QUYCEN solution into bespoke solutions that extend their core business offerings, creating a strong competitive advantage within their sector. Finessed process automation, combined with intelligent analytics allow them to make better informed decisions quicker and take more precise actions with significantly less resource than their competitors.

One such client, able to punch seriously above their weight, utilised a combination of behavioural data captured from existing business transactions and environmental data from publicly available sources. Combining these they created an automated, pre-emptive communications plan that accurately inferred their customers' next purchases and delivered targeted offers to those customers before the clients had accessed their website

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