Effective oversight, decision-making, and accountability for sustainable business operations

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A business's ESG policies are having increased an impact on investment activity, moving from a niche consideration to a "must have" for both institutional and private investors alike. If you are considering an exit for your business, this is a vital area to be addressed.

Quywater Partners has links with a large and varied number of great causes looking to work with growing, ethical companies and who can help you establish an ESG programme that will allow you to recruit and retain like minded contributors to your business success.


For a regulated entity the ICF is vital to ensuring that Regulatory Compliance impacts the operational running of the business. Well designed and implemented it aligns the operational activities of the business to the needs of the regulator.

Over many years Quywater Partners has developed a series of frameworks to suit organisations of all sizes in employing appropriate internal controls that do not incapacitate the effective running of the organisation.

Board Advisory

For smaller businesses it can be hard to appoint a board with as broad a range of knowledge and experience as you would like. This can leave a blind spot that represents a risk to your Corporate Governance.

Quywater Partners has advised boards of Directors and Trustees on matters across the full span of Corporate Governance. Our Associate Directors currently sit on boards across most industry sectors and non-profit organisations

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